Ready to purge single-use plastics?

Many of us are motivated to reduce ocean plastic pollution but still face everyday barriers. Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to take your plastic-free lifestyle up a notch, our 7-day challenge will give you a jump start to evaluate some of your “bad” habits, reinforce the good, and give you tips and tricks to take your plastic-free lifestyle to the next level. Join the millions of people taking action to fight plastic pollution every day!

Take the 7-Day Fight Plastic Waste Challenge!

What to Expect During the Challenge

On each day of the 7-day challenge you’ll receive an email with challenge instructions and information about plastic pollution. You’ll be asked to complete one simple task each day that will help you evaluate your current plastic reducing efforts and discover new ones. You’ll also be asked to share your findings and results with our broader community and will get to see our collective impact on reducing plastic pollution.

At the end of the 7-days you can expect:

  • To feel connected to a global community of people taking action to reduce plastic pollution
  • To have taken tangible steps to reduce plastic pollution at home
  • To have gained new ideas and inspiration to help you on your journey to reduce plastic pollution
  • To have seen results from your efforts and from our global community
  • To feel inspired and motivated to continue fighting plastic pollution!

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Every year, the amount of plastic waste that flows into the ocean equals enough to pile five grocery bags filled with plastic on every foot of coastline worldwide. Single-use plastic use has become so ingrained in our lives that it can feel nearly inescapable at times. But solutions to plastic pollution exist and are beginning to take hold.

Concern about plastic pollution is also at an all time high:

  • 81% of the world reports concern for the effect of plastic on the environment.
  • 66% of U.S. consumers have a more favorable views of companies working to reduce plastic waste.
  • 55% feel that companies are not currently doing enough
  • More than ⅔ of Americans have reported being willing to pay more for everyday items made sustainably vs single-use plastic.
  • To date, 77 countries around the world have passed a full or partial ban on plastic bags.

To tackle the plastic pollution crisis completely, we will need a large-scale industrial shift that relies on both alternatives to single use plastic and overhauls of our waste management systems. This transformation of our global systems will take years, but in the meantime, there is so much that can be done at the individual and consumer level. Through daily choices, we can harness the current momentum to curb single-use plastics and elevate sustainable behaviors to be the societal norm across the globe, in turn putting increased pressure on corporations and policy-makers to demand these changes much faster.

Looking for plastic-free inspiration? Watch our short film:

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